Are you looking for a way to get more help? - Here is the way...

If you wish to report an issue to get support from the DrawingApp support team, you can Contact Us. We will ensure that you receive a satisfactory response at the earliest.

You can reach us or raise a support request through the portal using + New Support Request.

While approaching us, please include and share the below info:

  • Nature of the issue - i.e. issue accessing a specific button or tool within the DrawingApp, a problem in using a specific feature of the app, etc.
  • The unexpected message or screenshot showing error
  • Device type with the model (iPhone XS Max, iPad 7, iPad Pro 4the generation, etc.)
  • System (iOS) Version

Just in case the above is not helpful, we may need to request the recording of your screen demonstrating the issue behavior. Apple has provided a guide to record your own screen.

Such shared details will assist with serving you better. Additionally, we assure and regard your privacy.