It is very easy to add text on the canvas. Just follow the steps within the app when you have already started drawing:

  1. Tap on the Text button to insert a text.
  2. It will bring a screen with pre-entered text such as "Enter Text Here..."
  3. You can erase the text and add the exact text that you want it to be added on canvas.
  4. Once you add text, please tap the color-wheel button, next to the Keyboard button. To set the color of the complete text, select the appropriate color, and adjust it by taping and changing the color circles.
  5. If you want to change font style, tap the Aa button, next to the color-wheel, and select font style to set. Please verify the right tick on the right side of the selected font style on the list.
  6. Similarly, you can apply Bold style to text using the B button, if you need to. (some font style may not support Bold style)
  7. Once you complete this, tap any of the Done buttons on the popup to minimize the Text section. This will allow you to 'preview' how the text looks on canvas.
  8. Just in case you want to adjust the text (example change text color), you can tap the respective button(s) again to change and tap Done.
  9. When the text section is minimized at the bottom and you tap Done, the text will be added to the canvas.