Yes! You can use the app without subscription in several cases:

If you are evaluating the app, you can use all the functions 100% FREE for 3 to 7 days depending upon your country and various regulations and considerations applicable to the App Store.

If you want to use the app 100% free forever when you opt for a one-time purchase option. If such an option is available in your country, then it will be presented when you open the app. You can use the app completely free forever when you opt for this.

However, we recommend you to opt for a small subscription fee which is chargeable as per your choice of period (weekly, monthly, and yearly) for the best experience. The subscription enables you to continuously receive security and feature enhancements and updates that our 20+ developers' team makes round the clock. 

You can make a choice how you'd like to use the app. We have options available for all your choices!